Remake 0.5 released

Today I’m happy to announce the new release of “Remake” – our automated rendering system for animation projects. This version brings some minor improvements and a lots of bugfixes.

This version should be used if you would like to rebuild Morevna Project Demo from sources.

Download remake-0.5-1.noarch.rpm
Download remake_0.5-1_all.deb
Download remake-0.5.tar.gz

The changes to mention:

  • The “-w” and “-h” options allows to force rendering resolution from command-line, overriding default project resolution specified in remake.conf file.
  • Improved parallelization control. Now it’s possible to set number of jobs to be run in parallel (“-j” option) and set the maximum amount of threads used by each job (“-t” option). Also it is possible to set the maximum load limit using the “-l” option which allows to control the amount of jobs depending on the system load average.

For details on those options see the Man page.

This is going to be the last version of “Remake”. From now on I’m going to concentrate on rewriting the tool into the Python language and most probably it’s not going to be called “Remake” anymore, since I found that there is another tool with the same name exists already.

That’s all for today. Happy New Year to everyone! ^__^

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