Goodbye git-submodule, hello git-subtree

During the process of adaptation of Morevna repositories for the new build system we have decided to get rid of complex repository structure involving submodules. The purpose of using submodules was to have the ability to watch the histories of many repositories in sync. I have to admit now, that “git-submodules” approach is a fail.

Now all repositories are the “same level” – there’s no “super-repository” anymore. The “production” repository is replaced  by the “lib” repository, which is now of the same level as the “demo” one. For the cases when we need “synced” history view, that problem is gracefully solved by “git-subtree” and that results in much simpler structure and workflow.

Current repository users need to re-fetch all data according to new structure. Please wait while we updating “Contributor’s Guide” with new instructions.

EDIT: “Contributor’s Guide” updated. Have fun!

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