Morevna Episode 3 now available on GitLab

Good news for lovers of “fork” button – the sources of Morevna Episode 3 now have their own Git repository on GitLab! Important: before you start cloning, please make sure that you have Git LFS extension installed.

Repositories go public

OK, folks, are you ready? We are happy to announce that we are changing our politic for repository access. As you might know, current production sources are stored in two repositories – ‘lib’ and ‘demo’. The ‘demo’ repository was available to everyone without any restrictions, but access to the ‘lib’ repository was limited (for contributors […]

Goodbye git-submodule, hello git-subtree

During the process of adaptation of Morevna repositories for the new build system we have decided to get rid of complex repository structure involving submodules. The purpose of using submodules was to have the ability to watch the histories of many repositories in sync. I have to admit now, that “git-submodules” approach is a fail. […]

Git repository

BTW, we have set up a git repository for the project. It is currently in private mode, but if someone wants to get access, feel free to contact us.