MediaWiki and Script Translation

Terry Hancock wrote an interesting article about translation of Morevna Project’s script: read now.

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  1. Guys, I am by no means an artist or coder but I am sure your project is extremely important for the world. You are the future of the media industry, not the Hollywood with it’s majors. I really wold like to donate some funds to you but there is nothing on that in here. I wonder why not give possibility to ‘creatively disabled’ people like me to participate this way.

  2. Hi guys. Congratulations. Such a nice project with great purposes.
    I would like to help you but I’m terrible with design and animations.. So, I would like to help you with translations. I’m pretty sure you’ll guys will need subtitles for many languages.. I would like to help with translations for brazilian Portuguese… how could I help with that at the momment?

    Best regards

  3. Thank you, everyone!

    Marcelo, we will need translators for sure for the subtitles. I plan to setup translation engine, but still haven’t managed to do that at the moment. As soon as it will be ready there will be a call for translators and your help will be much appreciated!

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