Production Pipeline

Developing a project it is necessary to clearly understand a consequence and relations between the different stages. For that purpose we made a graphical schema of production pipeline for Morevna Project.

Production Pipeline (click on image to enlarge)

Arrow, pointing from a task block A to a task block B, means what you need to complete task A before doing task B.

EDIT: You can download source Draw file here.

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4 Responses

  1. Will you use freestyle with Blender? or just another way of “animizaton”?

  2. @BLENDER BOY! – Most of the film will be animated in Synfig (,) but certain shots will be done in Blender. All the compositing may be done in Blender as well, not positive about that. Yes, depending on the development of Freestyle we may use it. Freestyle is an excellent resource and I hope it will make it into our production pipeline.


    P.S. Zelgadis, please add any info I missed. 🙂 thnx!

  3. Hello! Good production pipeline =)
    I particulary liked a lot of the layout of the arrows and bubbles. What program do you used to make the schema? It was a specific one or was made all by hand in a vector program like illustrator?

    Thanks =)

  4. Thanks!
    No specific software, we used Draw. It has very nice feature of building datablock schemas. Styles are very useful to identify various types of blocks.

    I’ve attached source file to the post. ^_^

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