Original artwork and story by
David Revoy

Directed by
Nikolai Mamashev

David Revoy
Nikolai Mamashev
Anna Erogova
Victoria Popova

Nikolai Mamashev

Rigging assistant
Stas Kholodilin

Cast (English)
Pepper – Samantha Faye Ignacio
Mayor – Duffy Weber
Saffron – Ariel Hancock
Shichimi – Marielena Alcaraz
Coriander – Ariel Hancock
Narrator – Duffy Weber
Carrot – Nikolai Mamashev

Cast (Russian)
Pepper – Elena Simanovich
Mayor – Mikhail Krivov
Saffron – Maria Bondarenko
Shichimi – Olga Matskevich
Coriander – Kira Kovalyova
Narrator – Alexander Filchenko
Carrot – Nikolai Mamashev

Music by
Grégoire Lourme

Sound design
Stas Kholodilin

Sound director
Alexander Filchenko

Mixed at
Reanimedia Ltd. dubbing studio

Production manager
Konstantin Dmitriev

Sound FX

provided by FreeSound.org

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“whoosh07.wav”, “whoosh04.wav” by FreqMan,
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“Applause 11 (Very Long).mp3” by FunWithSound,
“Rumbling Rocky sound” by Opsaaaaa,
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“polite_applause_01.wav” by joedeshon,
“ZombieSequence.wav” by iSaria,
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“Metalliputket kilisevät, helisevät / Small metal tubes, chimes, a short tinkle, like fairy dust, magic, sparkle”, “Räjähdys, kallio räjäytetään / Explosion, a rock blasting, stones pattering, mix” by YleArkisto,
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