Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic: Poll winner is Episode 13!

Thanks to all Patrons who participated in the poll to choose next episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic for production!

The poll is closed now and the winner is Episode 13 – The Pyjama Party!

It was a hard competition – at some point we had 3 episodes with the same amount of voices, but in last moment Episode 13 got an additional voice and won. ^__^

We are starting its production now, in parallel with ongoing production of Episode 3 and Episode 4. This episode is quite complicated, so we will be using a mix of various open-source software in its production.

The episode will be directed by Stas Kholodilin, who is also a director of Episode 3. He is already started working on animatic. As usual, you can track our production process here.

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