Migrated to new server

You probably noticed that morevnaproject.org gave a few hiccups during last 3 days. This is because we were migrating to a new server!

I would like to say much thanks to TuxFamily.org for serving our website more than 10 years absolutely for free. They are absolutely great at supporting many open-source projects, and without them it would be much harder for us to get where we are now. Many-many thanks for that!

But our project is growing quite a bit in last years and it already became too heavy for a shared hosting. So, thanks to support given by our Patrons, we now can afford to host our website on separate VPS server!

Migration was planned a long time ago, but it took some time for me to dig into technical details – because I wanted a pure Docker-based setup. Much thanks to authors of wordpress-nginx-docker and nginx-proxy for providing ready-to-use recipes.

By this moment migration is complete and everything should work as before (but faster, of course). If you find any issues – please let us know.

Now I plan to dedicate some time to bring contents of the website into order. There are lots of things to do here! Morevna’s Episode 4 needs a dedicated page, we also need a separate page for the whole Morevna Series, RenderChan’s landing page also needs revamping, I have to rethink structure of our blog, website theme needs some love, etc. etc.

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