Morevna Episode 4: Release date defined

Okay, everyone, we have worked hard for the past months and I guess you all waiting for my next production report. But today I have something really tasty for you – two exciting announcements!

1. We’ve got Nikolai Mamashev back to the project!

Yeah, Nikolai who is famous as director and animator Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic continues his work on 3D model of Koschei, backgrounds and animation for Morevna Episode 4.

How this is made possible?

First of all, just recently our project got a sequence of donations: one (a really big one) from an anonymous sponsor, two donations form Adamant Art School and also I’ve got a paycheck from SoyuzMultFilm animation studio for our collaboration on developing concepts for open-source animation software (which isn’t really donation, but those are extra money I can use for Morevna anyway).

And, of course, this is made possible thanks to 46 awesome people, who  continuously supported our project via Patreon platform during all past months. Thank you so much, our Patrons. for supporting us in this long journey, for your faith and trust, for being a part of our team! We’ve got this far thanks to you!

As a consequence of the first announcement, it is pretty logical to have next one:

2. We have defined the date of release of Morevna Episode 4.

You got it right – now we finally have an answer for the most frequent question you usually ask!

So… (drumroll, please!)

Morevna Episode 4 will be released on 05.05.2019.  Save the date in your calendar!

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