Production Report #22: Storyboard for Episode 2

In parallel with production of Morevna episode 4, we also working on storyboard of episode 2. For storyboarding process we are testing a cool open-source software called Storyboarder.

While this software is far from being perfectly stable, it has many awesome features, which made my heart melt. You should just check them out by yourself.

One of such features is an automatic import of worksheets. You can print a worksheet template, draw on it, scan and import it into Storyboarder. The application will automatically find frame borders and cut it into separate frames.

And here is a quick backstage video showing the process of our work on storyboard. It is in Russian, but you can see some pictures. ^__^


Our work is possible thanks to awesome people who supporting our project with a monthly donations through Patreon platform. Thanks to their support we can continuously dedicate our time to this project and bring you more interesting and useful stuff!

Here I would like to say a special thanks to those who joined us on Patreon since my previous report: Jesse Gilbert.

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    1. Thank you for pointing on this. In fact, I can understand reasons of the author in many aspects.Though, the outgoing decision about licensing are weird. I guess “MIT License + The following exceptions” keeps the software open-source, but not f free (as in “freedom”). Food for thought…

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