Morevna Episode 4 crowdfunding campaign is started!

So it is here – our crowdfunding campaign is officially started now!

We have set an ambitious goal – bring a talented artist Nikolai Mamashev to help us with animation for the new episode. With his help we will be able to significantly boost the production progress and release the new episode faster for you!

This is our chance to take a leap, a chance to grow our team, a chance to gain momentum, a chance to bring the project to the next level. I am asking for your help. Please help to spread a word about campaign, let more people know about it. I know there are many of you watching the project, reading every my report and anticipating the new episode. This is the moment to push the right buttons and accelerate the project.You probably know what this project matters to me. I can feel what this project matters to you. It’s time to take a leap. And we all know what to do.

P.S. And, yes, I almost forgot – here is a link to campaign page:

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