Morevna Episode 3.0.2 released in French

Bonjour, mesdames et messieurs! Yesterday I have announced release of Morevna Episode 3 in English. But in fact,  we’ve got another important event yesterday – the Touhoppai fan-dub team made (synchronous!) release of Episode 3 in French! I am proud to share their work with you.

The Touhoppai fan-dub team headed by Olivier Jolly started to work on French release in parallel with me, while I was preparing the English version. They even gone further than “just dubbing” – Olivier took his time to dig into sources of animation and replaced all captions that you see on the screen with their French translations. So, the French version is not just dub, this is a completely localized release.

Localized caption on the door in the French version.
Mixing French version in Ardour.

I would like to say a big “thank you” to Olivier an all voice actors of Touhoppai fan-dub team who made this release possible. Thank you!

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