Synfig Studio 1.3.2 (development)

New development version of Synfig Studio is available for download!

List of changes:

  • Fix support for graphic tablets in Windows version (issue #241).
  • Initial value of quality in Preview Dialog now always set to 1.0 (now independent from current zoom level).
  • Fixed export to GIF using Magick++ module (Windows and Linux).
  • Fixed incomplete GUI localization (issue #333).
  • Fixed crash of Skeleton plugin (issue #334). Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • More improvements to CMake build system. Thanks to Caryoscelus.

Get source code | View revision history

For your reference: versions marked as 1.3.x represent current development version with all latest features and fixes; stable version marked as 1.2.x.

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2 Responses

  1. hi ….nice work
    but i have problem with auto-recovery….is not working
    I’m using Ubuntu gnome 16.04 …
    any solution ..!! please help me

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