Synfig Studio builds updated


Dear friends, here goes one more update for Synfig Studio! This one includes all the latest fixes that our developer Ivan Mahonin done during our work on Morevna animated short.

List of changes:

  • Fixed crash when trying to use Brush Tool.
  • Fixed behavior of “Insert Item” action for Splines (it should be different from “Insert item & Keep shape” action).
  • Fix weird behavior of animated layers, duplicated through Clipboard Copy-Paste.
  • Fixed artifacts of Color Correct Layer.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect handling of Onto Blend Method for some layers.
  • Use relative paths when importing Papagayo’s PGO files.
  • Fixed handling of relative filenames when referencing to Papagayo’s PGO files (and, actually, anything that you might pass to AnimatedFile converter).

Fixing of the last two issues actually resulted in rewrite of the whole infrastructure for file saving/loading. You can see this by examining the source history – 2,416 lines added, 1,887 lines added in 32 commits total. Well, sometimes small fixes go big.

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you for all of the hard work! I’ve tried as many open source animation solutions, as possible, and I keep coming back to Synfig.

  2. Seems like ‘Low Res’ isn’t implemented yet. Am I right or it’s a bug?

  3. Excellent work. I have been teaching adobe professional for 4 years and am now going to change to synfig. Adobe has priced itself out of the students and teachers market and after playing with synfig for a week I think it has the edge. Gimp has also got the appeal instead of photoshop.

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