Replacing paths in Blender’s Sequence Editor

Sometimes, when it comes to editing video in Blender, you might want to move your footage media files from one location to another. Such manipulations usually breaking the project file, because the sequence strips still referencing the old paths. Of course it is possible to fix the paths manually by rewriting it for each strip, but that’s really tedious for big projects.

So, we have created a simple script, which  searches the paths of all sequence strips for particular text and replaces it with another text.

Download script:

How to use it:

  • Open the script in Blender’s Text Editor window.
  • Change the ‘oldpath’ and ‘newpath’ variables according to your needs. The ‘oldpath’ variable represents the text to search, this text will be replaced with the value of ‘newpath’ variable.
  • Then choose “Text” -> “Run Script” in the menu of Text Editor window, or just hit Alt+P.

Below you can see a video demonstration with detailed explanation of how it works.

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