See you at LGM!

LGM 2013: 10-13 April, Madrid

Good news happened last week!

First of all, the campaign to fund my travel for Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) have reached its goal! That means I will be able to attend the event, do the workshop there and collaborate on Synfig code! Yay! My deep thanks to all contributors for their support. It’s realy awesome to see such a commitment from the community and it’s another sign that things are getting serious around Synfig. ^__^

It’s most likely my workshop will be on April 10 afternoon (14:30), Wednesday (official program is expected to be announced in a few hours). Besides the main LGM schedule, the April 14 is planned for off-program meetings and hacksessions. I will arrive to Madrid on afternoon of April 9th and leave on early morning of April 16th. I hope we will have enough time to collaborate.

Also, I’ve got a response on my offer to organize additional workshops on my way to Madrid. As result, there will be an additional workshop in St. Petersburg (Russia). It is planned on April 4th and chances that we will have one more on April 5th. Details to be announced soon. EDIT: Details are announced now –

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