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Today I’ll try to be short as the time is not waiting. All week we’re working hard on backgrounds. I am preparing all 3D stuff and Nikolay does overpaint.  The process of mixing of overpainted backgrounds into final shot have it’s own specific and workflow here is still in the process of polishing – hope I will have time to cover this in detail later. The trick is to have  overpainted shot updated when I’m updating basic 3D layout. We also had a lot of fun with billboards – we have produced a lot of funny advertising  that will appear on the backgrounds. Of course all they are about Morevna Project’s universe.

And yes, my weekly progress is really boring without screenshots. So here are a few of them. ^__^

Marco (from Chotio Productions) has finished his work on soldier variations by producing 2 more models and with this result we’re closing our soldiers community call.

Soldier models (variations)

Also, Marco have finished animation for one more soldier to use it in shot 07 and now only 3 soldiers pending to be animated here. I’ve took a chance and reworked camera movement in this shot and quite satisfied with the result – it looks much more impressive than before.

Last week we have got first successful rendering of the project in full HD resolution. Carlos López González did his best to debug the Warp Layer bug, and he even found the cause of the problem. But its fixing appeared to be not that trivial, so we decided to postpone it’s fix for better time. Though, knowing its cause allowed us to apply workaround – we have changed distortion amount and now the broken shots passed the high-resolution rendering well.

Finally, as you might know from my previous post, I have successfully prepared the promised Blender builds with Freestyle feature. That means the Freestyle migration is fully completed now – all contributors can easily install the new version and use its features without risk to get something lost as result of version incompatibility. At the same time this update means that we migrated to Blender 2.64 RC1.

That’s all my news for today. Have a great week, everyone and let’s do our best!

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  1. The story looks like it’s going to be a cliche,
    the execution is tacky so far

    its an impressive effort though.
    I hope you surprise me in the end

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