Call to Community: Shot 54 Overpaint

EDIT: This call is closed.

OK, looks like it’s time to try the new strategy of attracting contributors to the project.

Our previous strategy was based on the assumption that contributors will work directly with the production tree and maintain their working copies using git. Now I should admit that it was quite naive for me to expect this strategy to be the main one for collaboration. At least at this time.

New strategy is the strategy of “calls” – small, extremely specific tasks where multiple people can put their efforts together without deploying full toolchain, described in the Contributor’s Guide. I hope this strategy will bring community closer to the project, let us have more fun and make the Morevna Project more “crowd-sourced”.

This is the first call from the series I plan to make and it’s about drawing.

I have six keyframes drawn for shot 54 of the demo (see storyboard). I’m not quite satisfied with them. I wonder if someone get interested to participate and help me to fix with overpaint (mention in the credits guaranteed).

Here’s rendered draft of the shot:

Download OGV (0,7 Mb)

Here are the keyframes I need overpaint for:

On the images below I have marked the issues I would like to have fixed:

[1] – hand
[2] – cloth: t-shirt
[3] – cloth: jacket
[4] – face
[5] – cloth: wrinkles at the elbow
[6] – hand
[7] – fist
[8],[9],[10] – cloth: jacket
[11] – hands
[12] – cloth: jacket

Though, other corrections are welcome. ^_^

Images of Ivan for the reference:

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