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The Ubuntu Massachusets Local Community Team is making an ambitious effort to bring anime fans to the world of Open Source at the  Anime Boston 2010 convention. At their booth in the dealers’ room they plan to hand out Ubuntu LiveCDs and copies of the Ubunchu Manga, do some cool demonstrations, perform live installations and… whoa! They’re going to promote the Morevna Project and its production tools!

From my personal experience (as part of both Linux and anime communities) I can tell that for some strange reason anime fans have a natural aptitude towards Open Source and vice versa. It’s a good step to make them closer and this event may have a great impact on projects like Morevna, because the more anime fans will use Open Source tools – the more prospective contributors we have around. ^__^

The event is entirely community funded and they need your support. Please visit the event homepage for details.

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  1. 2TheSilentNumber:
    Logo Benjamin mentioned is the one at the start of the demonstration I’ve sent to you. So you probably already saw it. ^___^

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