Ivan Tsarevich – Character Layout (reworked)

Ah, my bad, changes, changes again. ^_^” During the past months Ivan character have been heavily reworked. And yeah, some parts of the Demo need to be corrected. But… this is The Path. I promise this is the last significant change in the characters appearance. Believe me. Or at least try to. ^___^

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  1. It seems that this change is for head layout basically, but I’ve discovered that you’ve changed the clothing too. (ie. the jacket is different and the neck style too) Does it means that current scenes can be reworked to full fill this layout since now?
    I mean, is this the definitive clothing for all the demo run, or later changes can be expected?
    Should we wait that you or other redraw the scenes poses before retrace them?

  2. In fact, only the shot 01 need to be heavily reworked. All the rest traced/animated shots just will need some small corrections. There will be no changes in Ivan’s clothing anymore.

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