Concept of Ivan updated

Hello! Anastasia on line! (ง ื▿ ื)ว I have made an updatd version of Ivan’s concept, which is replacing the old one. Also, I have recorded the process of working on it. I plan to publish the timelapse video soon!

Meet Nazar The Brave

I guess you have tired to see a boring production sheets in my every weekly blog post, so this time we have prepared something special. Those who read the screenplay might remember that Marya Morevna have a brother – Nazar The Brave. He is also appears in two shots of the Demo so we can’t […]

Ivan Tsarevich – Character Layout (reworked)

Ah, my bad, changes, changes again. ^_^” During the past months Ivan character have been heavily reworked. And yeah, some parts of the Demo need to be corrected. But… this is The Path. I promise this is the last significant change in the characters appearance. Believe me. Or at least try to. ^___^

Soldiers – Character Layout

We finally managed to finish post-processing for soldiers characters layout done for us by Ground Zero Studio Complex.

Drawing Ivan’s head (front)

Here’s a little guide-list for Ivan’s head proportions. You may notice, what I made hairs less curly comparing to previous layout. It looks better for my taste. Also, I followed Banor’s suggestion and removed the sharp chin. This little video demonstrates some parts of the drawing process: