Ivan Tsarevich – Character Layout

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  1. Pretty cool! Don’t care for the side view of the face (the form of it,) and the overall shape is different than I would do it, but, overall, it’s neat to see a finished character sheet. Awesome, Konstantin!

    Bravo… btw, what 6 soldier types are you looking for, anyway? Angry, tall, strong man; skinny geek; normal handsome; short, stout, stubborn; young man? Some ideas…


  2. I imagine them as angry young mans. They are not ugly, but mean – that makes them look unpleasant. Consider, what in life they could happen to be not bad people at all, but they used to execute orders and addicted to violence.

    Generally they are not too experienced. They are mostly like skinny geeks. But height and constitution could vary.

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