Film Poster

( читать по-русски | Russian translation )

It’s two days left before the release and we finally have a poster now!

Please help us spread a word about the online premiere and screening event at FSCONS! Join us at Facebook and Google+ to help get a word out. Thank you!


  1. Wow!
    Can we have the sources of the poster? I want to print one!

  2. Oh! isn’t it made using Synfig Studio?

  3. Hi, genete! I believe the poster is big enough to print it without vectorization (see the “Full Size” link).

  4. Sadly I couldn’t help in any project in a lot of time (work situation and family).

    I wished to help you in more things that with the soldier model and rigg, but surely I will share your effort with some groups in the web 😉

    You have finally achieve a great thing in your project and that is a model to follow for many persons around the open community.


  5. Thank you, Erik!
    The premiere will show if we really achieved something or not. ^___^ Anyway, this final is only beginning, right?

  6. Question: will you release the source code of the music used on the project?

  7. very good!

    I like synfig!

  8. 15:15? GMT

    time zone please!

  9. Hi, nyula! The event takes place in Sweden, so it’s Swedish time. Online premiere will take place a few hours later after event.

  10. oh sorry, i was so anxious to this that i barely can read, thank you!

    i wait 1+ year for this :)


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