Sita character

In addition to the basic character template released yesterday, we are publishing another one – it’s Sita from the “Sita Sings the Blues” animated movie by Nina Paley. Click here to download full package with both characters The character is traced and rigged by Nikolay Mamashev. License: CC-Zero 1.0 Enjoy!

Character Template

As it was promised, today we’re releasing all files for our character template. That’s it – we’re publishing the basic character for you to play with and reuse. Under the terms of CC-Zero 1.0 license, of course. Click here to download the latest version Also, there is a github repository for those who love to […]

Delays, papagayos and character templates

Hey, it’s been a long time! Let me share some quick news with you. If you remember, in November I have planned¬† a lot of stuff to be done by February. Unfortunately, none of the outlined tasks are completed by the moment. That means we are not ready to launch the new episode of Morevna […]

LGM 2013 travel sponsorship

This year I would like to attend the Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) again. The event will be held in Madrid on 10-13 April. The good news that the main Synfig developer – Carlos Lopez Gonzalez – is going to be there. My plan is to have a productive meeting with him, including the coding sessions.¬† […]

Using colorcharts in Synfig

Here’s a little video I have prepared on how we do coloring using colorcharts in Synfig. The colorcharts is very cool feature for animation projects – you have all key colors defined in one file and when you change this file, all colors are changed in the whole project. So you can dynamically tweak colors […]

Plugins feature in Synfig Studio

We was so excited by our stickman merge tool, that we decided to integrate this feature directly into Synfig Studio. As result, we have made some trivial plugin system that allows to run python scripts for current document right from Synfig menu. Very simple, but hey! – it’s effective. Here’s some explanation video: People often […]

Stickman Merge Tool

If you examine our sources, you may notice that when we work on character animation, we usually place every character in separate Synfig file. This approach have certain advantages. For example, it becomes possible to have several people working on the same shot at once. Also, when you have shot split into pieces, you have […]

Making headturn guides in Synfig

Some folks say that my previous video (the one about creating headturn guides) was too fast. And that making it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. So here I posting another screencast without timelapse.

Stickman Tutorial

For a long time people asked for the tutorial explaining how to use Stickman Template and finally I have come up with something that might be called a tutorial. In fact those videos were recorded in different time (you might notice the differences in interface elements), but watching everything in sequence should give you the […]

Camera widget

Synfig has no feature to manipulate camera view. Me and Genete arranged a workaround to have a camera fake using logarithm convert type and the zoom layer. Download Here’s the latest version of camera widget: camera-view-0.3.sifz. License: Public Domain. You could find instructions on it’s usage below.