Production Report #25

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Long time no see! Oh, summer, summer – the time of hot days, rest and vacations! This very time after the long-awaited release of Morevna Episode 4 we decided to take a short break to refresh our minds, to have a good sleep, and recharge ourselves. The last month before the release really took a lot of efforts from our team, and for me personally – I almost didn’t sleep at all for whole month (that is what I’m sorely paying for now, but doctor says I will be fine soon ^__^).

So, with all possible effort we try to rest well, but it happens that occasionally someone of us mischievously breaching the discipline!

Sometimes our lead artist Anastasia suddenly starts drawing something like a concept art of Marya Morevna for the next episode. Or me, “being unable to bear such agony of doing nothing”, founds myself writing notes on concept of Morevna’s world or tweaking website.

Design of Morevna dress for new episode

Also, we are secretly working on the storyboard for the new episode and (psssst!) it’s almost done.

Besides that, some incredible and mysterious things happen from time to time. For instance, starting from June 1st, we unexpectedly got donations coming to the project – 4-7 donations everyday from different people. All donations come approximately in same time and they all are at value of $1. This is especially surprising, considering that single donations for Morevna Project are usually a rare thing – previously we get something like 2-3 donations per year (with exception of donations coming via Patreon, of course).

I have no idea who or what is behind that, but the fact of such support itself means a lot for us and we’re so grateful for that! It’s like someone shouting to us everyday “Keep going, guys! We believe in you!” And that really gives us motivation and energy to keep moving!

In addition to everything above, this summer I am mentoring two students, who are working on Synfig as a part of Google Summer of Code program. Both students are doing really good and it’s a lot of fun to work with them. To be honest I’m learning a lot myself in that process. Thanks to their efforts the next version of Synfig is promising to be awesome!

Also, we have some ideas on changing Morevna Project’s funding model. This is a story to tell for next time, but here is a hint: it is about eliminating PayWalls.

And that’s all for today! I hope, your summer time is also full of bright events and impressions. Stay tuned for the next hot report! ^__^

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