Production Report #24

Here goes a quick summary of our progress for January 2019.

Nikolai Mamashev finished 3D model of our main villain – Koschei the Deathless. The model is completely textured, rigged and ready for usage.

Despite of the fact that this character is a robot, the model is capable to do very flexible face expressions. You can even scale separate parts of his body, which allow to achieve different proportions and even turn it into a chibi-style character.

Now Nikolai started to work on backgrounds.

In the meantime Anastasia Mayzhegisheva also working on backgrounds and frame-by-frame animation:

Anna Erogova continues doing cut-out scenes in Synfig. Here’s first one ready:

Tamara Khudyakova continues to help us with coloring:

And finally, here are a few sketches made by Anastasia and a video showing her drawing Life – a character from Morevna’s Universe.


Well, that’s all for today!

As usual, just a quick reminder: as of time of this writing it is just 94 days remaining till the premiere of Episode 4. Stay tuned for the next report!


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