Sources of “The Deadline” now available for download

Sources of “The Deadline” animated short now available at GitLab –

How to download

You can get sources by cloning from GitLab repository. Before you start, please make sure that you have Git LFS extension installed (otherwise you will get a bunch of empty files). Obviously, you will also need a Git utility itself.

Then, clone with this command:

git clone

After the cloning finishes, you will get a directory called “deadline” with all sources.

How to build

The sources are managed  with RenderChan software, which provides automatic rendering. This is similar to what make/autotools/cmake/scons do for software projects.

Please note: At the moment RenderChan is only available on Linux systems.

Before you start, make sure you have following software installed:

Now, open a terminal window, go to directory with your sources and execute the following command:

renderchan project-deadline-eng.blend

This will render English version of the project and you will find resulting video file in “render/project-deadline-eng.blend.avi”.

If you want to edit video sequence, just take a look inside of “project-deadline-eng.blend” file, which can be opened in Blender. In the same way you can work with Russian and French versions – just check “project-deadline-rus.blend” and “project-deadline-fra.blend” files respectively.

If you wish to edit particular scene – check the *.sifz files in the source tree.


Q: I have successfully cloned repository (with Git LFS), tried to open “project-deadline-eng.blend” file and it is empty.

A: The sources do not include rendered footage, so tou have to build it with RenderChan before you start editing. Please see “How to build” section above.

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