Pepper & Carrot will be screened at SuzdalFest

I am happy to announce, that Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic got selected to be screened at XXIII Russian Animation Festival in Suzdal (aka SuzdalFest). SuzdalFest is a biggest animation event in Russia, which is attended by representatives from all major animation studios of Russia, as well as independent artists.

The screening will take place on 17th of March (by coincidence this is a birthday of motion comic director – Nikolai Mamashev). The full schedule of festival is available here – (it is in Russian, but you can search for “Pepper & Carot” words). ^__^

 Thanks to support of OpenToonz community, I am also going to attend the event to give a talk about our work on free software and OpenToonz. There is a possibility that Anastasia Mayzhegisheva also going to attend. If she do, then she will produce a video report about the event. More news soon.

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