Pepper & Carrot Episode 6 – Clarifications about music license

Some people have noticed that all original sources of soundtracks by Grégoire Lourme are published on Jamendo under CC-BY-ND license, which disallows usage in derivative works as non-libre. This puts under question the legal aspect of soundtrack usage in our work, so I think it is necessary to put a quick clarification:

We have a special permission from Grégoire Lourme to include his music into “Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic” under the terms of CC-BY-SA. He is also kindly expanded his permission to allow us publish the tracks with the project sources as separate mp3 files under same license – CC-BY-SA.
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  1. Sigh… here we go again, with external media “tainting” the license of the project as a whole. I remember it happened with the first releases of Morevna, and in that case it was worse because the songs were under a non-commercial license with no relicensing for this project in particular.

    • Sorry, but I think you didn’t understood the meaning of the message. Author of the music gave an explicit permission to use and re-publish his tracks (even separately/independently) under CC-BY-SA license. The situation with the first release of Morevna is completely different.

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