Pepper & Carrot Episode 6 – Clarifications about music license

Some people have noticed that all original sources of soundtracks by Grégoire Lourme are published on Jamendo under CC-BY-ND license, which disallows usage in derivative works as non-libre. This puts under question the legal aspect of soundtrack usage in our work, so I think it is necessary to put a quick clarification:

We have a special permission from Grégoire Lourme to include his music into “Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic” under the terms of CC-BY-SA. He is also kindly expanded his permission to allow us publish the tracks with the project sources as separate mp3 files under same license – CC-BY-SA.

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3 Responses

  1. Sigh… here we go again, with external media “tainting” the license of the project as a whole. I remember it happened with the first releases of Morevna, and in that case it was worse because the songs were under a non-commercial license with no relicensing for this project in particular.

    1. Sorry, but I think you didn’t understood the meaning of the message. Author of the music gave an explicit permission to use and re-publish his tracks (even separately/independently) under CC-BY-SA license. The situation with the first release of Morevna is completely different.

  2. This is probably the best way to do it. Special exceptions from the original authors trump the default cc licenses =)

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