Introducing Papagayo-NG

I am happy to announce the release of Papagayo-NG 1.4.0 – a new version and new name of Papagayo lipsync software.

With this release we are rebranding our version of Papagayo to Papagao-NG, thus indicating it as completely independent from the version provided by Lost Marble.

Originally Papagayo is a lipsync software, developed by Lost Marble and  published as open-source project. Due to the lack of activity from original developers, Morevna Project is maintaining its own version since 2013. With our version we deliver some important features, like supporting lipsync in languages other than English and providing different models of phonetic breakdown.

At some point we realized that we need to provide a way to distinguish our version from the one provided by Lost Marble to avoid confusions. So this is how Papagayo-NG born.

The new release 1.4.0 is shipped as installer for Windows platform and as AppImages for Linux platform.

Comparing to our previous build, in this version you get the following improvements:

  • Support for Portuguese language breakdown (thanks to Anderson Prado).
  • Support for French language breakdown (thanks to Azia Giles Abuara).
  • Support for Pidgin English phonetic breakdown (thanks to Azia Giles Abuara).
  • Allow to export breakdown to image sequence (thanks to Stefan Murawski).
  • Allow loading audio files supported by FFmpeg – mp3, flac, etc. (thanks to Stefan Murawski).
  • Code ported to Python 3 (thanks to Stefan Murawski).

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  1. Hi
    i try to open an mp3 and wav file but nothing happens, The program interface its rigid
    is this a bug

      • thank you for taking the time to respond
        i use windows 7.
        i try again to import another .wav file and in this time its working
        but the problem still there for .mp3 and some .wav format
        may be the problem is in my audio files..

        • There are two problems here.

          1. Problem with mp3. It should open normally i any case. Please submit this issue here –

          2. Problem with opening some wav files. The thing is that Papagayo-NG can open only standard uncompressed WAV files (PCM, 16bit, 44100Hz or 48000Hz). But in general it is possible that Wav file might have audio data compressed with some codec. Papagayo-NG won’t be able to open such files. You can open such file in audio editor and re-save it as un-cmopressed PCM wav.

  2. Hello Morevna i downloaded papagayo and open toonz for linux in AppImage. Open toonz ran wonderful but papagayo didn’t ran at all. I use Manjaro in xfce, in both i use the same prosses.

    i love your work. greetings.

  3. thank you very much. I have a doubt respect to run papagayo in console. I use chmod a+x in the terminal but it wasn’t effective.
    Is there another command to run an appImage?

    • No this is not correct command to run appimage file through console. The “chmod a+x …” command is required to make it executable and you need to run it only once after you downloaded appimage file.

      To execute appimage in the console just enter its full path (i.e. “/home/user/Downloads/PapagayoNG-master-2017.04.08-973b1-linux-64bits.appimage”) and press ENTER.

  4. I got papagayo to work on my Ubuntu 16.04 system, but it wont let me drag around the words and phonetics to fit the audio? Help!

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