Weekly progress

OK, I hope everyone had a great 1st of April day. And I hope you enjoyed our little joke. I want to assure everyone who cares about the project – we don’t plan to turn everything into “Nazar Style”. Though, the funniest part of this joke is that it wasn’t a pure joke at all – Nazar The Brave character will really look like was shown in my previous post. I hope you enjoy that turn. ^___^

Now back to the progress.  This week we have changed the strategy and put our efforts to work simultaneously on as many keyframes as possible.

Keyframes production sheet (02.04.2012)

I think that gave its results. Or maybe we just got over critical point – I don’t know. Anyway, although we’re not reached the half of keyframes yet, but it’s close, very close. Again I want to thank everyone who gives us support – it’s so exciting to see all of you care about the project. Your faith mean so much for us. Thank you!

As usual I finish with some WIP images and the finished ones can be found in the wiki gallery.

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