Stickman Template Update

Morevna Project is proudly presents an update of Stickman Template. Stickman Template is used for character animation. It tends to simplify setup when you want to make animation in cutout technique or something more complex.


  • Now stickman’s parts are automatically stretched depending on the bone length.
  • Additional scale and rotation controls for head.


Download Stickman Template

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10 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I’m new to synfig (I created a little animation with BSplines, exports, links, ValueNodes).
    I don’t quite understand the way this very useful stickman is made ? I would like to add some intermediate bones, but it’s a bit complicated for me.
    I tried to register at the forum to ask my question, but it don’t work neither.
    Could you explain a little bit the technics behind your stickman ?
    It’s very useful though !

  2. Reverse manipulation for scale valuenodes seems to be not allowed in latest 0.63.00 for real numbers. Dows it brokes the stickman template?
    I’m trying to make use of the stickman template for help an animator friend who is interested on inlcude Synfig on his workflow.

  3. genete:
    No, this doesn’t breaks anything. We’re using stickman heavily with 0.63.00 all the time. Use groups to manipulate stickman please.

  4. Im testing the stickman figure in 63.04
    and the groups dont work.

    Also, Im curious about the reason, if I may ask, why you havent included the pelvis and shoulders in the stickman ?


  5. Please explain what do you mean by “the groups don’t work”. Which actions you do and what is exactly (not) happening?

    About pelvis and shoulders – it is possible to control them via groups. We never had a need in our practice to have separate stickman part for shoulders as they part of forearm.

  6. Actually, I see the problem….
    its not the version… its a stickman file problem… all values are linked to the body -r body -t

    youve simply goto “re-group” the “control” values to skeleton, then it works

  7. No there is nothing wrong!
    My apologies, I havent worked with groups before…

    I didnt realize you had to double click it… I was single clicking

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