Happy Birthday!

Today is the second birthday of morevnaproject.org. Looking back at the past year, I can tell that it was a very hard year for the project.

I haven’t wrote much on this blog last year, but for me it brought a lot of experience and was full of amazing discoveries. I met outstanding creative people, here I want to name two of them who just strike me with their talent and passion to work on the project – Nikolay Mamashev (I miss your helping hand!) and Terry Hancock (your work on screenplay is invaluable and your ideas are always outstanding!). The way you both understanding this project is always amazed me, I’m proud that I know you, guys!

Also I would like to thank everyone who keeps watching our progress, send me their feedback and supports me – thank you for being here all that time. Show is going on, Happy Birthday, morevnaproject.org!

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