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I am happy to announce that we have just completed the first draft of our screenplay translation. Of course there’s still a lot of work on dialog, format, and style, but at least it’s already readable for English-speaking audiences. For those who are not afraid of spoilers or want to join further translation efforts, the full text of the screenplay translation is available here.

I want to say a big thanks to all contributors and especially to Terry Hancock aka Digitante who has been working on the translation with great dedication and has made it progress this far.

The next important step is polishing up the English dialog. I’m thinking about using something like Pootle for that purpose. It looks like this is the only open-source solution for that kind of task, or am I wrong? After we get good English text for the dialog, we can use the same tool for creating fansubs in other languages. And of course, having English and Russian translations for the characters’ lines is a significant milestone, because at this point we will be ready to record voices. Most probably, that won’t happen earlier than the demo release, but hey, who knows? ^__^

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  1. We use Transifex for mc (i18n based on gettext) quite successfully. It finally allowed us to get the translations into the decent shape…

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