As some of you may know, four months ago Morevna Project was suspended because of personal issues. Now I’m happy to inform everyone that we are back on track. Stay tuned! Punk not dead! Etc, etc…

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  1. Congrats! Good to see you guys back. This is an important project for Synfig and open source.

  2. I have seen that there are no sfx yet, so I wanted to let you know of, where you will find CC-license compatible sfx.

    By the way, will the whole project be CC-BY-licensed or are all of the cc-licenses allowed? The noncommercial and noderivate licenses are not very popular with strict open source people which is why i’m asking.

    Best regards

  3. qubodup:
    Thanks, I found this resource very interesting not only for the SFX, but also model library.

    About CC-license I can tell for sure that all visual part of Morevna Project will be under CC-BY. Situation about soundtrack part is not that clear, because we are depend here.

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