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OpenSource software could evolve really fast and dramatically change behavior from version to version. Those changes could produce regressions. That’s why it is necessary for all Morevna Project  members to use the same versions of production software.

Blender is included in the repositories of all popular linux distributions, but usually without FFMPEG support. Though, it is easy to obtain appropriate binary from official site. Situation with Synfig Studio is worse. We’re using development version from SVN, because it contains some nice recently developed features and have more bugs fixed. From time to time it is happens what we discovering new bug, and if it is fixed we are not waiting for the release and jumping to next SVN version.

SVN version need to be compiled from source. It could be not obvious task. I can’t say to everyone: “Hey, let’s update from SVN2030 to SVN2316 right now!” ^_^ Some of us jumping from one version to another to test new features – it is  time-consuming to rebuild them every time.

One of possible solutions we chose is to build and distribute packages. It’s impossible to build separate package for every Linux distribution – there is too much of them. So packages should be as much distribution-neutral as possible. They should be easy to download and install – better to provide a single all-in-one package, allowing just click-and-install (usually SynfigStudio is splitted to three or more packages). Thus, packages should contain minimum dependencies and rely only on components which most systems have installed already. This allows to easily install packages on PC’s which have no internet connection available.

Now it’s easier to get the software required for working with production tree. Grab it from the Packages page.

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