Demo Snapshot

Here’s another monthly snapshot. There isn’t much progress, cause traveling took much time this month.

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4 Responses

  1. Duration of the Demo is 4 min long.

    Screenplay is 56 pages which approximately equals to 56 min. I expecting final movie to be 60-70 min long. Crazy… 😉

  2. How many are you on this project? just wondering. Great work so far btw.


  3. thondal:
    Not much. We need more 2D artists to work on character layouts and keyframes, that’s why things going a bit slow. Though, lots of people doing accidental contributions, and we are really thankful to anyone who helped Morevna Project even once.

    I sure things will turn better in the future and we will get really strong solid crew. But whatever it turns, I know at least one man who will stay with the project till the very end, what’s why project will continue to live. I trust. ^_^

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