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Weekly progress

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

This week we have continued with applying new battlefield concept to the demo shots. We have made it till the shot 35, which was reworked in the 3D fashion.

Shot 35

Agian, Nikolay Mamashev end up with some amazing pieces of animation (as usual based on Eeonora’s drafts). Here’s one of them.

And when it all comes together it looks so yummy!

Shot 32

At the same time Vyacheslav Yastrebcev is working on adding details to the new battlefield concept.

Shot 01

That’s all news for the past week. Stay tuned, because we have prepared a few tasty things for the next few days!

Weekly progress

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

This week we were busy updating demo shots for the new battlefield concept. Currently we have updated all shots in the range of 01-16, and hey – it looks quite nice!

Shot 06

Shot 09

Shot 14

At the same time Nikolay does tracing and animation based on the keyframe drafts by Eleonora.

And of course the process of updating shots for Blender 2.61 is continued. At the moment the most issues are resolved and we need just some time to complete the transition process for all shots. It was a little distracting when I haven’t found possibility to control animation time with F-Curves like I did in 2.49. After spending some time digging I have realized that I can use Synfig to do time-control effects (like slow-mo or speedup).

Also, I was a little worried about the first shots in the demo – the view from the top at the start is a really tricky shot. But after reworking sequence layout I was able to achieve the impact I was satisfied with.

That’s all for today, have a great week!

Migrating to Blender 2.61

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Finally, we have started updating Morevna repository for Blender 2.61. As you might remember we have used 2.49 before and of course we have many issues during migration. At the same time we started ultimate rework of battlefield concept. Here’s a few WIPs:

Shot 01

Shot 07

Special thanks for building models: Abolfazl Kanani, cody glassman, Sebastian Erler.

P.S. Updated blender packages are here.

Pencil packages update

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Here’s another update for Pencil fixing few minor issues:

  • Blank keyframes are saved correctly now. #7
  • Fix Ctrl+Z keybinding not working under some circumstances.
  • Fix some keybindings to be more conventional.

Download now

As usual, the source code can be found in this git repository. All changes are made against the Pencil SVN190.