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Morevna Project is an independent initiative aimed at testing and improving open-source tools by adopting them in the real animation production. As part of those activities we documenting the developed workflows and approaches to help others learn from our practices and publishing results of production as free content.

Open-source anime made with free software

How to create animation with free software

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Our production is based exclusively on free (open-source) software.




Papagayo NG





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We believe that the process of creating animation is no less interesting than the result itself. This is why we put a lot of efforts into documenting our production process. Check out the latest news below!

Demo Snapshot: March 2009

Almost six months passed by since the last snapshot – half of a year. You won’t see much changes in this snapshot – few shots drawn, new lightning model for the battle episodes… What have been really done during that period? The best way to answer the question is to watch the posts on the […]

Project status

Missing Demo snapshots? Wondering what exact project status is? Check this out:

Ivan Tsarevich – Character Layout (reworked)

Ah, my bad, changes, changes again. ^_^” During the past months Ivan character have been heavily reworked. And yeah, some parts of the Demo need to be corrected. But… this is The Path. I promise this is the last significant change in the characters appearance. Believe me. Or at least try to. ^___^

Synfig Studio packages update (svn2354)

Synfig Studio packages have been updated. Please grab them from the packages page. Major reasons to upgrade: Integrated support for “magick++” render target. More info: The “magick++” render target could be used for rendering gifs. During the discussions on WIPs we often use gif files to quickly show the animation previews. Gif files are also […]

Merging draft images

Here’s a video about merging two similar images with different size/rotation in Synfig Studio. One image contains corrections for another, so it’s important to properly combine them together. Synfig has a few tricks allowing to handle this task with grace.

Morevna Packages

OpenSource software could evolve really fast and dramatically change behavior from version to version. Those changes could produce regressions. That’s why it is necessary for all Morevna Project  members to use the same versions of production software. Blender is included in the repositories of all popular linux distributions, but usually without FFMPEG support. Though, it […]

Stickman animation

During the drawing of keyframes for scene 20 we decided to concertize the motion of Ivan by using stickman. Generally, making stickman in Synfig is a simple task, but this one – with forward kinematic. We made two videos about the process. First video is about finishing making stickman in Synfig Studio – only one […]

Contributor’s Guide

When you are about to contribute to any project the main question is where to begin with. Working in collaboration on the Morevna project implies the use of various open-source tools. Git, wiki, make… All this stuff could confuse even the ones who are more or less familiar with open source development model. Also, to […]

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