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Morevna Project is an independent initiative aimed at testing and improving open-source tools by adopting them in the real animation production. As part of those activities we documenting the developed workflows and approaches to help others learn from our practices and publishing results of production as free content.

Open-source anime made with free software

How to create animation with free software

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Our production is based exclusively on free (open-source) software.




Papagayo NG



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We believe that the process of creating animation is no less interesting than the result itself. This is why we put a lot of efforts into documenting our production process. Check out the latest news below!

Happy Birthday!

Today is the second birthday of Looking back at the past year, I can tell that it was a very hard year for the project. I haven’t wrote much on this blog last year, but for me it brought a lot of experience and was full of amazing discoveries. I met outstanding creative people, […]

Screenplay translation

I am happy to announce that we have just completed the first draft of our screenplay translation. Of course there’s still a lot of work on dialog, format, and style, but at least it’s already readable for English-speaking audiences. For those who are not afraid of spoilers or want to join further translation efforts, the […]

Production Cuts

As you remember, Morevna Project was going to be promoted at Anime Boston 2010 by Ubuntu Massachusets Local Community Team. We have decided not to go with the usual demo snapshot and prepared a special video with production cuts. Now event is over and we are happy to share this video with you. Download video […]

Anime Boston 2010

The Ubuntu Massachusets Local Community Team is making an ambitious effort to bring anime fans to the world of Open Source at theĀ  Anime Boston 2010 convention. At their booth in the dealers’ room they plan to hand out Ubuntu LiveCDs and copies of the Ubunchu Manga, do some cool demonstrations, perform live installations and… […]

Synfig Studio packages update

It’s been a long time since Synfig Studio 0.62.00 came out. But because of our absence this significant event didn’t get mentioned here. It’s time to “redress an injustice”. We’re on 0.62.00 now. The packages page is updated. Major reasons to upgrade: Hey, it’s release!


As some of you may know, four months ago Morevna Project was suspended because of personal issues. Now I’m happy to inform everyone that we are back on track. Stay tuned! Punk not dead! Etc, etc…

Shot 20: SlowMo effect

Some time ago we have described TimeControl technique which allows to fine-tune animation timing without quality loss, and now we have applied that technique to shot 20 to get SlowMo effect. Download ogg-video: slowmo.ogv. You can examine animation sources here. Animation have complex structure and splitted into parts – each character in separate file. All […]

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