February 2021 donations:

$7687 from 40 awesome people


Morevna Project is an independent community-funded initiative. We appreciate one-time or monthly donations of any amount. The collected money will help us to develop open-source tools, create more educational content and produce more animated shorts for you.

One-time donations through OpenCollective:

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Recurring donations via Patreon:

One-time donations via BitCoin:

Please note: It might take a little while for the funds to come through. Normally transactions are processed in batches and they just show up as “bitcoin contributions”. For a large one-off contributions it is possible to display donor’s name or specify a purpose of donation – please contact us in advance for such situations.

Bank wire transfer (Russian Federation only)

Residents of Russian Federation can send donations to the bank account of our partnership organization (“Adamant” Art School):

Получатель: МБУ ДО «Школа искусств “Адамант” города Горно-Алтайска»

Л/с: 20776Ч10370
ИНН: 0411031809
КПП: 041108001
ОГРН: 1020400755462
Р/с: 40701810800001000012
Наименование банка: Отделение – НБ Республики Алтай г. Горно-Алтайск
БИК: 048405001
ОКТМО: 84401000000
Код доходов (КБК): 00000000000000000130