How to contribute

Spread a word

Tell your friends about Morevna project! Article, blog post, or simple re-post of any message from our Facebook/Twitter/Google+ stream will help increase visibility of our project, get more people aware of it and amplify the impact of our efforts.


The content of our website is translated into multiple languages by community volunteers. The translation helps us to expand our community and deliver results of our work to the wider audience all around the world. The translation takes place through the Transifex Live platform (details). Visit the project translation page to join any language team or request a new one!

Project translation page


We are strongly encourage and appreciate any fanart and derivative works for Morevna Project. If you have come up with some sort of it, please notify us through the Contact page.

You can see some of fanart images published on our blog.

One-time donation

We also appreciate one-time donations of any amount.

Bank transfer (Russian Federation only)

Become a Patron

If you like our work, then you can support us by providing the small monthly payments through the Patreon platform. The collected money will help us to deliver more at improving open-source tools, making tutorials, creating assets and, of course, get faster with the production of new episode.

Through the Patreon page we also providing an additional benefits for our supporters, like an early access to the production data and other extras.

Visit our Patreon Page

Thank you!