Morevna Project is an independent initiative, which is 100% funded by its community. The collected money will help us to continue improving open-source tools for animation, create more educational content and produce more animated shorts.

One-time donations

We use DonationAlerts platform to collect one-time donations. It accepts wide range of currencies and payment methods: Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin/ETH and others.

You can choose which project your donation will be used to – just make sure to select donation target by clicking the big “Fundraising” button on donation page.

Recurring donations

Recurring donations help us to maintain sustainable production and development. You can subscribe for monthly donations through Patreon platform and get extra benefits like early access to our releases and voting in polls.

Transparent budget

We maintain transparent budget using OpenCollective platform, so anyone can see how much funds are collected and how they are used. Here is a presentation on how we apply transparency in animation production.