Birthday Art by Anastasia Majzhegisheva

Our lead artist Anastasia Majzhegisheva made a special artwork for the 9th birthday of Morevna Project. A few words from her:

This Tuesday it was the birthday of Morevna Project – 9 years!
Although I’m not worked on it from the very beginning, I still hard to believe – it seems just recently, in 2013, I made my first fan-arts for Morevna, then in 2015 I  became (still can not understand how this it turned out) the artist of the project, and in 2016 released with a new episode! Woah, that were really productive years, full of hard work, ups and downs. And everything was resolved to good, as soon as you put your best efforts and some luck!
And most important: over the past years, working with a team of people who shares the same passion as you, I found what it feels like – to do the work you love most (˘⌣˘)
Happy Birthday, project! \ (^ ▽ ^) /

You can find the source Krita file for this artwork here. And here is also a lineart version. License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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