Konstantin Dmitriev and Anastasia Majzhegisheva in DaNi-blog

“DaNi Vision” group released first episode of their video-blog, featuring Konstantin Dmitriev and Anastasia Majzhegisheva as special guests. For now it is in Russian only.

And here goes a quick announcement: “DaNi Vision” group plans to visit our studio and make a series of video-reports about our work. Wouldn’t it will be awesome to make the series available in English? We can make it true!

First option – if our Patreon page reach the goal of $280 by January 15th, then I can hire an additional translator and narrator to do the translation work. Become our Patron to make this happen!

There is also a second option: find two community volunteers – one for translation from Russian to English, and one who can do narration voiceover in English. If you are willing to offer your skills for one of those tasks – just leave a comment to this post.

In any of both cases, if you like the idea you can help by spreading a word about the initiative. Thank you!

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