“In the Heart” animated short

While working on Morevna Project, Anastasia Majzhegisheva also made her own animated short – “In the Heart”.

Anastasia writes:

The idea was born when my friends got into a difficult situation. Their parents died. I really wanted to support them… And then I realized that everyone and everywhere feel this pain one day… That’s why I created this cartoon. To support my friends and everyone who needs it.

The work on the short was started in August 2014. All artwork is painted in Krita and animated in Synfig Studio. The final sequence was edited in Blender and the rendered with RenderChan. The lyrical piano music you hear on the background is written and performed by Kendra Springer.

All sources of this project are available for download and reuse. The sources are managed by RenderChan, you can read how to work with them here.

Download sources: nastya-in-heart.zip | md5sum

This work and its sources is provided under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

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4 Responses

  1. Simple & direct “to the heart”. You may like the animes of Makoto Shinkai as well, Anastasia. Just google for them.

  2. Emotional over one of more important things, a job that reach the heart of human being recovered by a littlel but deep story well narrated

    Greeting from Argentina, Anastasia

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