Synfig Studio 0.64.0

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It’s ten days passed by since the new version of Synfig Studio got officially released but I guess it’s never too late to announce it here. ^__^

Synfig Studio 0.64.0 splash screen by Nikolai Mamashev
Synfig Studio 0.64.0 splash screen by Nikolai Mamashev

This release includes the brand-new cairo rendering engine, as well as our improvements – simple plugins system and disabled keyframes. That’s it – the features developed during the work on Morevna Project Demo now officially included into Synfig and this is a significant milestone for us, of course.

Download Synfig Studio 0.64.0

And yes, Synfig isn’t crashing anymore when you try to disable keyframes. ~_^ The new version also includes the stickman template, available as a plugin called “Simple Skeleton”. That means the stickman is now a part of Synfig Studio and will be updated with its development. Though, we do not exclude possibility of publishing more alternative versions of stickman, but they will be provided as Synfig plugins from now.

Read the complete list of new features

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  1. If you watched my tutorial ( then you probably noticed that the character template is not defined by single file – it is a system of files with centralized library. Even more it’s based on the directory structure with particular workflow. Thus, I don’t see a way to implement it as a plugin, because there is a question: where you put the library files if you apply this character into arbitrary synfig file?

    For camera widget: It turned out that we don’t use it much really. Real-world testing shows that it’s pretty much ok to have Group layer in combination with rotate layer to achieve the same effect. That’s our experience, of course.

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