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Hello everyone! Long time no see. ^__^ I am investigating various options for publishing the Morevna Project Demo on DVD media. There are lot of services on the web that offer a DVD production and even custom USB Flash drives. But really it’s very hard to choose, because I haven’t experience with any of them yet and I need to be sure about the quality of the final result. As an alternative there is an option of publish-on-demand services from TrepStar and Amazon’s CreateSpace. It looks very attractive, because together with production they handle all selling and shipping routines.

But the best option for me would be to find a service which can produce a custom pack containing the DVD disc + custom USB flash drive + Book.

Any advice on that? Does anyone had an experience with DVD publishing? Any  particular service to consider?

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  1. Hi! There was a pretty recent Kickstarter campaign on “Lib-ray”, a free software based, DRM-free movie/media distribution project: http://lib-ray.org/

    The project is not finished yet, but is working with producing a complete set of free software tools for distributing films – as well as making sure that it is compatible with (as free as you can get) hardware out there.

    Terry Hancock (who got the kickstart) has already promoted your film several times and probably has you in mind, so I just figured I’d let you know about his project considering how well it aligns with the ideals 🙂

    I’m sure it’s not far into the future until it’s possible to distribute media with Lib-ray, so look into the desired specs (Webm/VP8+FLAC) for that format and please make sure you have some copies ready for it 🙂

  2. http://kunaki.com/

    I recommend this site. It is perfect for short runs and larger orders. it also has the cheapest prices and includes cases and printing.

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