Demo snapshot: September 2008

There is not much changes in this snapshot, except the one most noticeable. Yes, my bad, we violated the storyboard. ๐Ÿ™‚ But changes worths that – at the start we need to properly introduce antagonist forces and make them more “uniform” at the same time. Achieving that we got increased tension at the start, while exposing less of direct violence on the screen.

Currently, most of the project development happens in two main directions – producing an adorable layouts for characters and making more detailed animatic. That’s our top priority tasks now among others.

Last month we got much attention from the community. We would like to thank guys at BlenderNation, PlanetBlender and everyone who blogging and spreading the word about us. Thank you!

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  1. I think you should concentrate more in the characters layouts and loose less time with the soldiers design. Looking to the whole animation I see more important the face expressions than any uniform definition of the soldiers. If I were you I’ll concentrate in Morevna’s and Ivan’s faces and their expressions. It would attract much more attention to the viewer than the other stuff.
    Later for the long film (..caugh, caugh …) you can produce more animation with the soldiers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great stuff man!


  2. Thank’s for advice, genete! ๐Ÿ™‚ I finally satisfied with storyboard and now we proceeding towards the layouts. I paying much attention to soldiers image because I haven’t clear setting about them in my mind (in contrary to Ivan’s and Morevna’s images). Thanks to wall[e], now I do. Still, we need detailed animatic developed too, to show people how do I want characters to move, so they could work on it.

  3. I liked the animation of Ivan (?) fighting, it was very nice fluid motion. I am glad to see this thing shaping towards a whole.

    I hope to upload another drawing soon… really need to buckle down on Ivan’s expression’s.


  4. Yes, I do like how Ivan’s fight exposed now too. ^__^ I want him to pass through the crowd of coming soldiers in that way. Still it’s not reflected in animatic yet.

  5. Alright. Sounds good… where are you most active, Zelgadis? On the forum, over e-mail, on this blog (within comments,) on the wiki, over IM – how should I get in contact with you most efficiently, or, even better, where is the best place for me to discuss things publicly among the team?

  6. Everywhere. ^_^ I consider forum, wiki and blog as three levels of content maturity. Forum thread is a place for random discussions and rough drafts. The wiki is for WIP on particular tasks, discussing and storing conceptual project data. Blog is for publishing results and latest progress news for a wide audience. E-mail used only in personal cases – discussing things publicly is the most efficient way, I think.

  7. alright, thanks, that makes sense. so, sometime when I create Ivan’s expression sheet, should I post it to the forum for review first, or post it directly to the wiki page for Ivan?

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