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Shot 20: SlowMo effect

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Some time ago we have described TimeControl technique which allows to fine-tune animation timing without quality loss, and now we have applied that technique to shot 20 to get SlowMo effect.

Download ogg-video: slowmo.ogv.

You can examine animation sources here. Animation have complex structure and splitted into parts – each character in separate file. All parts have normal timing and composed together in the 20-3.sif file (you see it in the first part of the video). SlowMo effect is applied in 20.sif file by importing 20-3.sif into it and changing the TimeOffset property.

Stickman Template Update

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Screenshot-stickman.sif : "Stickman" (Root)

Morevna Project is proudly presents an update of Stickman Template. Stickman Template is used for character animation. It tends to simplify setup when you want to make animation in cutout technique or something more complex.


  • New version includes dummy regions to quickly navigate through stickman structure. Just click on any gray region and start creating your graphics on top of it.
  • Additional exported values (stickman-amount/show-fillers) allows you to control stickman appearance.
  • General template  structure was improved – it is easy to change order of stickman’s parts now.

Also notice the license change – it’s CC Zero now! Enjoy!

Download Stickman Template