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Fan-Art by Philipp Owl

Fan-Art character by Philipp Owl : Marya Morevna (*゚▽゚*)

Fan-Art by Asiya Fish

Fan-Art character by Asiya Fish: Sister-Doctor  ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Fan-Art by my sister Olga Filippova!

I am very happy when my family take the initiative or just interested in the Morevna Project. (o^▽^o) That’s my little sister, she is 13 years old, drew

Fanart by Sasha Zhbanova

Sasha is a newbie student of our studio. She is very young (13 years old) and she is drawing Morevna all the time.

Fanart by Stas Kholodilin

We’ve got a fanart from Stas Kholodilin, depicting the cybernetic version of our main hero.

Fanart by Alexander Syamro

Thanks to Alexander Syamro for two fanart images about Marya Morevna and Ivan Tsarevich. Painted using MyPaint 1.1.